GPU Benchmark Comparison of Nvidia RTX 3080 and RTX 4090

I found that, while NVIDIA's Founder's Edition RTX 3080 is a very good GPU, the ASUS TUF RTX 4090 performs much better for streaming. There are really three key points that I can make about them:

  1. Graphics quality can be maximized. I was able to change all the graphics settings to their highest values and greatly improve the image quality while still seeing the 
  2. FPS can be increased substantially. I was able to increase FPS by roughly 80% on the 4090.
  3. The temperature is ridiculously lower on the 4090. I was regularly seeing 70-80 degrees Celsius with the 3080 at 80-100 FPS. When I switched to the 4090, the temperature dropped to 50-60 degrees Celsius. Keep in mind that this is true AFTER having maximized the graphics settings and achieving roughly 80% higher FPS.