Fixing Gaming and Recording Video Stuttering (Lagging)

I have experienced several issues of stuttering (or lagging) video either in the main stream itself or in the recording. Here are some of the steps that I took to resolve the issue.

  1. Main gaming video stuttering - This stuttering occurred after I upgraded to the 4090. After checking numerous possibilities, I resolved the issue by moving my mouse to a different USB controller. I am not sure what the interference was exactly, but moving my mouse to a USB port on a different controller stopped the stuttering.
  2. Video recording stuttering - I have seen stuttering on my recordings as well that did not show on the main gaming video. This was resolved by updating OBS to the latest release and doing the following:
    1. Running OBS as an administrator, and setting process priority on high
    2. Disabling Psycho Visual Tuning (I am not sure this had an effect, but I had changed both)